Andreas Gursky

Gursky is the greatest photographer you never heard of

calander 08 July, 2012

Andreas Gursky might be the most influential and successful photographer you never heard of. He has created a new aesthetic where flat, dull, nothingness is magnified. To many, he may appear ordinary but he is far from that. His images can be epic and monumental. The son of a commercial photographer, he was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1955 and grew up in Düsseldorf. Using a large 4x5 format camera, he creates a world where the individual is tiny and insi...

Protecting Your Online Images From Theft

calander 28 May, 2012
What you can and cannot do to protect your art.   Art Thief The Internet is an infinite galaxy of images, each one flickering for your attention. Everywhere you look these images parade by in countless websites seeking your favor as if they were in a Miss America pageant. The explosion of Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Snapchat and endless other image-driven websites are being fed by photography and graphics. Like-minded people and virtual communities pop up...

The Rules of Art

calander 27 December, 2011
What is Art? What does it mean to you? It can mean many things. I believe you can capture its essence with three words, communication, inspiration and emotion. It is an expression or application of a human creative skill with imagination. It can redefine the world, as we know it. This is a tremendous topic to tackle so without getting too philosophical. Art is anything someone wants to call Art and it is beyond the realm of rational thinking. There are no rules and ...