5 Tips How to Get Your Commercial Art Selected

calander 02 January, 2013
Commercial Art

Commercial art can be a difficult experience for most true artists. In most cases, you have to set aside logic, taste, and quality. Like it or not, commercial art pays the bills so you need to be open to new ideas when designing.

santa claus
Example of Logo Concepts

I find that if you follow these tips it can lead you to create something you can be proud of:

  • Do your homework and ensure that you have reasons for any design you create. Everyone has a reason for his or her designs but you need to articulate it so it can easily be understood. The facts plus accurate research should provide you with necessary and credible support.
  • Think about the big picture and how your designs will affect branding.
  • You must know your target audience, so design accordingly.
  • Make sure that you do whatever is requested regardless of how bad it may be. Three (3) design options are always a great idea.
  • You must continuously fight for your work. At the same time, you must give the impression that you are open to new ideas. Nobody likes a know it all. The balance that you keep between these behaviors is what will separate you from the rest.
  • Bonus tip – Expect many revisions and document all of your changes.

It is important to realize that the artwork you create is not your vision but rather someone else’s. The key word to think about is BALANCE. Balance your creativity, professionalism, and your client’s or employer’s needs. If you do this you will be better prepared to succeed.

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