Building brand identity

How to Build Your Brand Identity

calander 06 February, 2013
What is your company message and are you recognized for it? Over the last few months, I have written two articles about branding. The first article was titled, “How to Define Your Brand Identity.” The second was “How to Choose Corporate Colors to Effectively Communicate Your Brand.” These articles show you how to deal with your visual identity, but your identity is much more than just visual. Every day, we dress ourselves, and we decide what colors and ac...
Branding Architecture

How to Define Your Brand Identity

calander 30 October, 2012
Branding is the face and outward expression of a company’s identity. It is the name and visual appearance, which ensures consumer recognition and individuality. There is no right way or wrong way in regards to branding. It is subjective and should constantly be evolving as you or your business does. That said, there are still fundamental aspects everyone should try to adhere to. A brand identity should include a name, logo and other visual elements such as images ...

How to Choose Corporate Colors to Effectively Communicate Your Brand

calander 21 September, 2012
Corporate color schemes can be one of the essential statements a company can make. One of the key elements to building a strong brand is your color selection. It helps you to stand out from the competition and evokes emotions. Where would Tiffany & Company be if it did not have its unique "Tiffany Blue" color? Its color has been known worldwide as a symbol of style and sophistication. The color is also one of the most underestimated parts of the design for which...

10 Tips for Hiring a Consultant

calander 18 April, 2012
What you should ask yourself when hiring a consultant Consultants, if used wisely, can bring on a great impact to your business. Their outside perspective and years of experience can initiate new ideas. I usually hire consultants/agencies for two reasons: Teach me (those things for which they were hired). Ideally, I will learn how to do something and then hire them to teach me something else. The good consultants will get hired repeatedly. Don’t be afraid ...