Planning Your Branding Initiative

calander 18 December, 2016
No matter what size a company, whether creating a new brand or rebranding an existing one it can be one the toughest projects a company can go through. The stakes are very high and implementing this initiative successfully is incredibly important. Breaking down all of the objectives that encompass branding is key to keeping your head above the water. There are many cross-functional teams that will be part of the project, and it is the marketing and creative departme...
Building brand identity

How to Build Your Brand Identity

calander 06 February, 2013
What is your company message and are you recognized for it? Over the last few months, I have written two articles about branding. The first article was titled, “How to Define Your Brand Identity.” The second was “How to Choose Corporate Colors to Effectively Communicate Your Brand.” These articles show you how to deal with your visual identity, but your identity is much more than just visual. Every day, we dress ourselves, and we decide what colors and ac...
Commercial Art

5 Tips How to Get Your Commercial Art Selected

calander 02 January, 2013
Commercial art can be a difficult experience for most true artists. In most cases, you have to set aside logic, taste, and quality. Like it or not, commercial art pays the bills so you need to be open to new ideas when designing. Example of Logo Concepts I find that if you follow these tips it can lead you to create something you can be proud of: Do your homework and ensure that you have reasons for any design you create. Everyone has a reason...