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No matter what size the business, the approach to your marketing strategy should be very similar. The main differences being your budget and resources in pursuit of a direction. A good strategist will immerse themselves in the life of a brand’s potential. In this way, you can uncover a user’s motivation and needs which should enhance your ability to attain optimum results.

• Branding and identity planning
• Stakeholder interviews
• Web content development
• Marketing research
• Lead generation
• Inbound marketing
• Consumer product launch
• Email Marketing
• Online reputation management
• Social media
• Strategic internet marketing planning
• Analytics

Design & User Experience

Create elegant, insightful solutions to a variety of business challenges.

• Photography
• Graphic design: Packaging, Logos, Presentations, Collateral etc.
• Web design UI & UX
• Development of promotional materials
• Customer relationship management
• Style guides
• Public relations

Ask me about

• Automation & organization processes
• Organizational adaptability and transformation
• Organization Change Management (OCM)
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Promotional and demo staffing
• Comping/Prototyping
• Training sessions for a wide variety of online tools

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Creating and Building your internal systems

Creative Leader

Graphic Design - Print & Digital, Photography, Video, Illustration

Marketing Leader

Traditional & Inbound Marketing, Social, Analytics, Branding & SEO

Procedures & Organization

Created ISO Certification Procedures, Style Guides & Design Templates

Let's partner

I'm here to offer my expertise. Just contact me today to find more about how I can help grow your business and get you the valuable exposure you deserve. Whether you’re a small business with no marketing department, or you’re looking to supplement your marketing team with a specific skill-set, I can offer you the expertise you need. Put my critical thinking and problem solving skills to the test, and see for yourself. My marketing services are available on a contract or project basis. Contact me today and let’s partner to grow your business!

How do I get a quote

When adding some marketing arsenal to your business tool belt, the first thing you want to know is, can I afford this? Marketing projects, from major endeavours such as a new corporate website, to the simple set up of a company Facebook page, are not one size fits all deals. Our 1st meeting allows me to learn more about your business and the marketing project you have in mind. Armed with this knowledge, I develop a marketing proposal that answers YOUR needs and supports YOUR business objectives. This is when you will see a project estimate. I make every effort to provide different pricing and service options, so that you can find a solution that will work both for your business and for your bottom line. Request a consultation

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