Marketing is about Story Telling

In a predictive world be unpredictive

The Evaluation

Showing samples of work can be informative but I believe having a conversation can truly give someone a great perspective and outlook. Lets talk!!


I'm constantly exploring new disciplines and evolving to best meet the needs of a company. Maintaining several key areas of expertise helps enhance a creative, strategy and purpose for organization. Below are a few samples .

• Lex Products: Style Guide & Manual
• Mercer Culinary: Style Guide & Manual
• Leviton Mfg.: Received ISO 9001 Certification for Dept. procedures
• MTA Metro-North Railroad: Branding Strategy & Style Guide


Proposals and presentations to executives. See samples below.

• Information Clearinghouse Inc.: Proposal for the companies branding directive
• MTA: Presentation for communications strategy - Presentation
• MTA: Video created to sell the benefits and need for an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) intranet site.

Inbound Marketing

Developing and curating content can be challenging. The challenges are often rewarded when done correctly. It can breathe life into a companies story and develop its brand by advancing its message to draw leads. Below are a few samples.

• Mercer Industries: Why Ceramic Abrasives Outperform Current Coated Abrasives
• Mercer Industries: Trimmable flap discs vs Standard flap discs
• Lex Products: What are the differences in how a breaker can be tripped?

• Mercer Culinary: Trade show - NRA 2016
• Mercer Industries: Rep Announcement - Mercer welcomes Harvey Gerstman Assoc.
• Lex Products: Newsletter
• MTA Intranet accessed: Newsletter
• Pillows For Pointes: Product Announcement - Newsletter
• Scott Silver: eblast - Self Promotion  
• Auto Expo: eblast - Coupon Promo , Fixed 4th July Promotion


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Building & Executing an Effective Social Media Strategy

Building & Executing an Effective Social Media Strategy


How to Define Your Brand Identity

How to Define Your Brand Identity


Planning Your Branding Initiative

The 7 Phases in Planning Your Branding Initiative


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